Yellopumpy Takes Us To His Galaxy

“Music is what I have to do.”

Article By Amy Benham

Photos by Amy Benham

I don’t think I’ve met anyone with as much energy as rapper Yellopumpy. From a young age, he realized he loved music and performing. Since then he has put his heart and soul into making music that lifts people’s spirits, and performs with an energy that is hard to find in other artists. You can see from his music videos that he doesn’t try to be something he isn’t and embraces his unique personality.


Can you introduce yourself to Groove magazine readers?

I go by the name Yellopumpy, I’m a rapper in Seoul and I’ve had an exciting first year working with Vlacksquad Records. It’s really nice to meet you guys!

What got you into music?

I’ve always liked music and I like all kinds of music - house, trap, hip-hop. I knew that I was talented at music (compared to other things) so I thought, I just have to do it. Music is what I have to do.

The last time I interviewed you was for Hip Hop Korea back in 2017, how do you think your music has changed or progressed since then?

Really, 2017?! Time flies, haha. My music has changed a lot, I’m not sure exactly yet, but people around me tell me it’s more like real music. At first, I just wanted to show my skills (rapping) but it wasn’t really me - I just wanted to show I have something. But now, I just do it Yellopumpy style.

So you found your style?

Yeah maybe 50 percent? *laughs* I can’t say that I have completely found my style but I have more direction than before and more of a style which is me. 

What do you feel is the best song you’ve ever released and why?

Probably Galaxy. I feel really good about that song.  This song is definitely more like me, it’s not forced or trying too hard to be something I’m not.

What inspired the name of Galaxy?

My phone! These days people are always with their phones. So it’s a metaphor for the girl I like and how I want to be with her all the time like how people are always with their phones. I want to be with her like my Samsung galaxy! *laughs*

This year you’ve been constantly putting out music videos. Which one was the most fun to make?

It’s actually super hard making music videos. All of them were hard but I really enjoyed making them. Ah! But DUFM (Do U Feel Me), it was super fun to make! To be honest these days when I make new songs I worry a lot about the music video, especially because of editing.

You’re editing your own music videos?! That’s cool! 

I edit them with my boss (the founder of Vlacksquad Records). We shoot the videos, edit, add effects and so on. We do the whole process ourselves.

Your newest music video is called Angelina, who is Angelina?

Angelina Jolie, kind of... It’s hard to explain *laughs* but there’s a girl I liked but I didn’t want to say her name so I tried to tie the name of a famous person to her.

Can you tell us about any upcoming collaborations?

I have two collaborations planned for July, both are with female vocalists. One of them has a really smooth-soul voice. Think like Kehlani vibes. I’m looking forward to both collaborations and that’s all I can say right now.

How do you want to improve as a musician?

Everything! I want to improve in every aspect of myself. I’m still learning and growing.

Who have been the most supportive people in your life?

My boss is really helpful. My parents support me a lot too. 

Is your favorite color yellow?

No… Purple!

I heard you're a good chef, what’s your specialty?

Japanese food! Especially raw fish. I actually used to seriously be a chef, it was my major and I worked in that industry before I decided to seriously pursue music.

Finally, if you have one last message to give to your fans, what is it?

Thank you for believing in me and enjoying my music. I was joking about holding a fan meeting to see who would come but now I’ve been getting more recognition so I hope that one day I really can have a fan meeting! Also, I think if there’s something you want to do you just have to go for it.


Vlacksquad Records YouTube: Vlacksquad Official

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