Troye Sivan - Enter Pop Synth Heaven

Bloom with Troye Sivan at his biggest headlining concert ever.

Story by: Amy Benham

Photos by: Live Nation

Troye Sivan is an icon for anyone who has struggled with approaching loneliness and heartbreak while tackling adulthood. He blessed us with his luscious tunes at Olympic Park in Seoul on a warm Saturday evening in April.  As the venue opened and people steadily funnelled in, I could feel my excitement building. I was so excited I could pass out and, in fact, someone else did pass out (thankfully, she was OK).

Whenever people ask Troye Sivan what his craziest concert experience was, he always tells them about the festival he played at in Korea back in 2016. As you can imagine, Troye was extremely excited to come back to Korea and this time to play his biggest headlining concert.

“I’ve been looking forward to this performance for so long!!” exclaimed the singer as came on stage, and consequently started to tear up by seeing the vast sea of lights of his biggest sold-out venue ever. He opened the night with the tender synths of Seventeen, followed by Bloom and later to perform Wild which Troye said he wrote about his coming out experience. With the confidence of someone who has grown into their sexuality and put it at the forefront of his music, Troye Sivan gave us a night to remember and left the crowd feeling elevated.


I may also have teared up at intermittent points throughout the concert, especially when he sang The Good Side, a song which I understood a little too well. “Have you ever been through a breakup and it was shit? Same... If you’re doing the breaking up, it still sucks because you really care about the person. I didn’t know how to express how I felt so I went into the studio and wrote this” explained the singer as he effortlessly performed the single.

He then energetically busted into “I’m So Tired…,” which is a collaboration with Lauv and a song that I’m sure many people can relate to. Troye’s voice is not to be taken lightly; it was as though he swallowed the CD itself and was playing it out through his lungs. He held his strong vocals throughout the whole concert.

One of the highlights of the concert was Troye’s dancing energy, gliding across the stage all night. “Here I am noodling around on the stage and I hope everyone else is dancing their hearts out too!” As well as his “noodling around,” another highlight of the night for me was when he went backstage to bring out the gifts some Korean fans had given him to share with the audience, then going on to ask the audience to teach him ‘I love you’ in Korean. His fan engagement was heartwarming to see.

Troye’s songs have the themes of giving and taking love, experiencing passion, all while learning about maturity. What I took away from this concert and Troye’s songs is that music really brings people together with shared pain and joy. There are certain experiences that everyone goes through and Troye manages to capture this in his music. He has a talent for writing songs that many people can relate to by touching hearts with his warming vocals and pop-synth beats.

Sean Choi