we are in the business

of telling stories


Groove Media plans, directs and edits short

creative content for social media and online promotion.

We won’t bother bragging about ourselves here. We’ll just tell you what we do.

  • Brainstorm ideas and bring them to life in professional, top quality videos

  • Provide content in both Korean and English

  • Translation, film writing, and presentation support (i.e. speech writing)

  • Photography & Editing

We can promise you a few other things as well.

  • Promptness & Professionalism

  • Clear communication - both in English and in Korean

  • Western & Korean perspectives and editing styles

  • Flexibility & Excellence

But don’t take our words for it.

Head over here to our Groove Media video collection to see our previous work and clients.

Or if you like what you’ve heard already, get in touch here.

Download our Media Kit here for the fast facts