Cafe Hunter: Alocasia Flower Cafe

A Cup and a Bouquet

Article by: Becky White

Photos by: Ahn Dong H


It’s a quiet dream of a cafe; a cafe of stone, wood, and flowers.

Welcome to Alocasia Cafe. The owner is so sweet - you can see her loveliness all over the cafe decor; handwritten letters tied to miniature dried bouquets, the warm lighting dangling over the front counter, and lilies strewn over the register. Her touch is in everything from the fresh flowers waiting to be cut and arranged to the beautifully placed waffles and fruits you can order from the extensive menu.

The menu has everything from fruit teas to kimchi mixed rice; we ordered everything we could, wanting to taste the ice cold Americano, grapefruit tea served over a small candle to keep it warm, the fried egg placed smack in the center of the fried rice, and the fresh cream with the hot waffle sprinkled over with powdered sugar. It’s all presented neatly and is as delicious as it looks in the menu photographs. 

Alocasia Cafe is not placed in the center of Seoul, located out near Hoegi Station and a bit of walk from it as well, but it’s worth the journey. The wide windows let in sunlight all day and the wooden interior decorating creates a warm environment, welcoming guests to sit and chat for hours. The cafe itself does not boast a unique nor cutting-edge interior, but is simply comfortable; which is what one should demand from a proper cafe. Well-made food and drinks to go along with a good environment makes this space worthy of appreciation. But beyond those things, perhaps the thing that makes Alocasia Cafe such a haven of quiet and somehow, living beauty, are the flowers that adorn the coffeeshop. 

Small blossoms sit in glasses on every table, and taut leaves dangle from the countertops. The air in the cafe is sultry with green life; it’s peaceful and kind inside the cafe, and a good amount of that is due to the fresh bouquets. The flowers fill the space like silent fireworks of red, blue, white, yellow and pink. The owner arranges the flowers herself, and as I left the cafe that cloudy morning, she handed me a bouquet of blue azaleas and white roses. “Thank you for coming,” she said. Thank you for having us, I replied, holding the flowers close. Here in the beautiful Alocasia Cafe, spring lives all year round. 

Location: Dongdaemun-gu Hoegi-ro 111 

Instagram: alocasiaflowercafe

Sean Choi