where can i pick up a copy?

We publish over 28,000 new issues monthly and deliver them to all the locations that are featured in the magazine that month as well as to our partnering locations. You can find them on this map to pick up a copy -


Do I have to buy or subscribe to the magazine?

If you want to just pick up a copy from one of our partnering locations, it’s totally free. We provide our magazine as a service to the community so there is no subscription required for that. If you’d like to have the magazine delivered to you directly, subscribe here. Also, with any large scale operation like this, of course there are costs involved; if you’re interested in investing in us or donating to the magazine, please contact us at sean@groovekorea.com

i’d like to be interviewed. who do i contact?

Our editors handle the interviews and individual articles themselves, seeking out the next person or thing to cover. However, if you’ve got a story to tell and are looking for some extra exposure, feel free to shoot us as message via the contact us page and we’ll get in touch!


how do i become a photographer for groove?

Our editors work with many different photographers depending on the article and subject being covered. Sometimes, we work with personal friends who are talented and professional photographers. Sometimes we work with the photographer provided by the artist or location. Either way, we are usually quite open to meeting new photographers to work with; message us via the contact page and we’ll be in touch.

is everything in english?

Groove is the biggest All-English magazine in Korea! We pride ourselves on having the inside for Korean lifestyle, culture and events, and releasing it to the English-speaking community so they can be as up to date to the Korean life here. Our entire staff speaks English either natively or fluently.

Do you do giveaways?

Absolutely. Follow us on instagram @groovekorea to keep up with the monthly giveaways. We partner with many businesses around Seoul to provide exposure to them as well as services to our readers.