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Into Something New

Conhas Coffee uses innovative ideas to bring old things back to life. The mismatched tables, part black wood, part grey cement, are the designs of the owner; the black wood was sawed off from an old table that was used previously, and by attaching it to the cement the table is revived in a new way. The unique sliding windows that let in sunlight and fresh air were once door frames. Scribbled words and numbers on the walls are left where they are, uncovered remarks penned by a bygone stranger. The past is modernized here.

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the Big show

In 2015, fashion editor Bethan Holt predicted in Grazia magazine that Korean fashion would be “The Next Big Thing,” and that it was “time to get serious about Korean fashion.” The country has been exporting high-quality textiles and producing homegrown designers that have gained prominence in the international scene, while Seoul’s fashionable youth have also caught the world’s attention with their unique contemporary styles. The surge of interest in Korean culture, particularly in films, music, and cuisine, has shifted the spotlight to Korean fashion.

Halloween in seoul

It’s that time of year again. When all the ghosts and ghouls come out to play. And Spider-man. And Wonder Woman. And a whole plethora of characters from your favorite movies and comic books and everywhere. 

That’s right. It’s Halloween.

Just about every bar and club in the country will likely be hosting their own parties and fun times, but there is so much to check out if you want to have a spooky good time this year. Groove Korea has put together a short list of events going on this year, especially for those who might want to avoid the usual party scene.

“19th Century France is brought into the modern imagination at L’Escape Hotel”

Groove Media Presents a visit to l’escape hotel


This month’s


It’s a four-story extravaganza that includes a costume contest (with up to 1 million won in cash prizes), an open bar, DJs, live bands, live performances, and more.